Apiguard – Slow-releasing Thymol Miticide



Apiguard is a slow-releasing thymol miticide. It is a natural treatment that is easy to use.

  • Efficacy between 85% – 95%
  • Use in temperatures between 60°F & 100°F
  • Use 2 – 50 g treatments per hive with an interval of 14 days in the cooler Florida months just after the honey flow
  • Use 25 g treatments in temperatures above 86ºF
  • Natural treatment
  • Do not use during honey flow


If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the expiration date of our current inventory.

This product is not approved for use during a honey flow. See instructions and packaging for more details.

Additional information

Weight N/A

25g – 4 pack, 3kg – Tub, 3kg – Tub 2 pack, 50g – 10 pack


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