Bee Removal

We are unfortunately unable to provide this service.

At this time we do not have a quarantine apiary available.

Live honey bee removal services can only be done when we have a quarantine apiary available to receive the feral bees.

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Pinesmoke Bee Co

maintains a growing number of colonies.

We have to be very diligent in maintaining sound bio-security measures. Due to the multiple pests, parasites and diseases that cohabitate with feral honey bees our ability to perform live honey bee removal services is quite limited at this time.

Please see the additional resources below.

Small Hive Beetle

Local Beekeeper Associations

Many Florida local communities have an association who meets on a monthly basis. There are usually a few members in each group that offer live honey bee removal services. Few may provide the service free of charge, however many may charge a service fee

Find Your Local Association

For additional information regarding honey bee removal and eradication within the State of Florida please visit the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research Lab’s Bee Removal website.

You could contact a State registered bee removal expert who has been listed on the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website.

State of Florida Bee Removal

No matter who you contact to assist you in removing nuisance bees, please know fees will likely be involved. The equipment to remove and keep bees is very expensive to maintain, the removal process is time consuming, and eradicating the pests and parasites after the job can be quite daunting.