SuperDFM® Extend™ is the newest advancement in probiotic coverage. 

Made of 3 hardy Bacillus bacteria, Extend™ is tough enough to be added to liquid bee feed! 

The 3 Bacillus bacteria in Extend™ specialize in controlling pathogens, mold, and fungi like Chalkbrood.

Add SuperDFM® Extend™ to supplemental feeding to increase protection.


Easy to Feed SuperDFM®Extend™

5g. Extend to 1 gallon syrup

5g. Extend to 1 lb. pollen substitute. 
 (add Extend to liquid first then powder)

Features & Benefits

Easy to use! Just add to supplemental feedings. 

SuperDFM®Extend™ is the latest blend of 3  hardy Bacillus bacteria specifically formulated to survive being added to liquid bee feed.

Support a strong defense against mold, fungi, and pathogens.

Promote gut health, empower digestion and nutrient absorption.

Safe to use all year round.


  • No Preservatives

  • No Animal Ingredients

  • No Resistance Build-up

  • No Harmful Residue

  • Non-GMO 

Suitable for Organic Use – Learn More

Additional information


100 Applications – 500g, 2000 Applications – 10kg


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